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A Holiday Message

December 26, 2012

December is full of holidays and varying attitudes around those holidays.

Hanukkah was celebrated earlier this month, Christmas yesterday, Kwanzaa today and New Years Day is still ahead of us as I write. Some of you celebrate one or several of these holidays, with varying emphasis and associations for each.  Others are just enjoying the month of holidays, bright lights, perhaps a few days off work and catching the cheerfulness that can sometimes be found in the air around these times.

For some families, a medley of several of those perspectives is to be enjoyed.  Christmas may be celebrated in a secular fashion or perhaps celebrated alongside Hanukkah.  Kwanzaa is often celebrated alongside Christmas and some may celebrate it with more or less importance placed on each of the holidays’ aspects.  New Years Day might have a greater of lesser importance from one home to the next.

It also has to be recognised that for an array of reasons, these holidays can be a difficult time for some people.  And that many days not mentioned herein will hold a greater personal meaning for some than those few holidays which are referenced.

Whatever might be the case for the reader, I’d like the take the opportunity to express a sincere hope that you all enjoy the season and that you find the holidays to be happy ones.  Also, my thanks and appreciation for reading the blog, sharing, commenting, tweeting or emailing and sharing the posts throughout the year.  In short…

Happy Holidays
and thanks for stopping by through the year!

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