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Alas, Dear Neighbour

December 15, 2012
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Man will never be a truly graceful creature
but can only aspire to assume an attitude of grace.

Man will always be crude animal,
sad and less than pure.

Man will never be beautiful by nature,
but can only aspire to make beautiful things.

Whether the virtue of man is lost or never was at all,
I do not know.
But virtuous I know that he is not.

These lines  depict my thoughts as one headlight,
speeding, gleaming and red,
all ablaze with modernity,
burned momentarily in the eye of the curtain.

This I moved aside
and it was then, my neighbour, that I saw the festive lights,
all aglow and coiled around the soldierly trunks of trees
that stand sentry to your home.

And I thought, with renewed hope of redemption,
“Man is a child.”
His very imperfection is his virtue.

Alas, dear neighbour, at that moment you killed the illumination
and in doing so, killed another,
a naive and brightening light, still growing in my mind.

Thought I again, “Man is a child,
excepting that a child is free.”

Thus lament, unsuspecting neighbour, for the loss of man’s virtue, our virtue.
Had we virtue to begin with, we do not now.

Neither you nor I neighbour,
will ever possess true grace, true dignity or beauty, purity or virtue.

More than that, we will never be truly liberated
for complete freedom cannot live where one is not completely free from stain.

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