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Brown Jug

November 28, 2012
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In a kitchen made of wood and clay and other things from the earth
rests a brown jug of earthenware.
It is solid and sturdy
somehow, even where it wears its cracks.

Everybody has one of these.
And take it where they may,
all brown jugs come from kitchens,
made of things from the earth, like wood and like clay.

Mine, is full and heavy;
it takes two hands to hold and the weight is good and real.
It makes hands feel purposeful and practical to lift it.
If all else were gone,
one could lift this jug and know that it existed,
that it was simple and plain
and that the water inside was simple and plain,
and complete.

My wish is that I could show you this jug.
Would that I could lift it to your lips and you would drink,
hold it to your eyes and you would see,
ever full.
I would give it into your hands and you would feel
the weight, good and real.

Good and real
and ever full.

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