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I Wonder, If We’re Not All Just Trees…

August 27, 2012
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I wonder if we’re not all just trees
and society a forest.

Inside of each of us, there are rings.
On the outer rings, the unique DNA,
everything of who we think we are.

On the inner,
buried deeper,
the code of generations.

On these rings,
is written the story of sins
and of subjugation

of stereotypes
and expectations.

And this we carry with us,
though not on our bark for all to see
and perhaps, unknown to ourselves.

Somewhere inside of me
are rings that read,
“Straight”, “white” and “male”.

And with them, a list of crimes
not perpetrated by me
but committed in my name.

And pressures of norms
to which, once upon a time,
one with such rings needs must conform.

The sins of the fathers,
subjugation of the mothers,
the crimes and heroics
of those and of others.

I wonder if we’re not all just trees,
and society a forest.

And all the history of those woods
is written inside us.


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