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Strength, Thy Name is Woman!

August 14, 2012
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Strength, thy name is Woman!
So too, for Fortitude and Bravery.

Thou hast borne up against what I could not bear.
In a day, that which a lifetime hath haunted me.

Where men have weakness and vanity,
our vain insecurity,
these do not appear to concern you.

Taken in one stride of your river’s rapids,
your bravery and perhaps defiance,
vain insecurity is swallowed in the rush.

And you continue to love
as only a woman could love,
in truth, as only you could love.

For I never wished to bring this upon another.
I had intended never to pursue.
I had, even with a happy smile, relinquished all such thought,
banished all such feeling,
killed, or so I thought, all such sensation.

But while men intend,
all nobility of mind
and bound by principle at heart,
beneath nobility is surely nothing more than flawed, human feeling,
beneath its bondage still beats the heart.

Only one such as you
could break a man’s resolve from within.

To make his heart, my heart,
beat so strongly as to break its bonds
and the blood within, so hot as to melt cast-iron resolution.

To bring him undeniably to his knees,
he, that had truly been an island,
to have him beg for your waves lapping on his shores!

To hunger like parched land
for even the dew of your affections,
of your notice.

And now, to be consumed by your rapids,
to stand unclothed in your rain,
is like as to feast when one did not know one’s own famine.

Hear you not World, the bells and brass?
Hear you not the bracing band of victory?
Hark and hear the words, joyous and triumphant,
“Strength, thy name is Woman!”

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