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Poem: In a World Where We Were Ten

August 3, 2012
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You could have found me

when I was alone,

not available, even to a friend.


But you could have found me

and I would have let you,

in a world where we were ten.


You say you would have written notes in my book;

I think you might have doodled too.


We would hide ourselves from eyes of the world

on the bunker behind the shed.

We could have hidden all that was written

in the shoebox beneath my bed.


Maybe I would have even let you in on my dreams for the future.

I would have told you how I planned to leave school and go straight to work,

how I would take a flat to let and it would be quiet as the bunker beneath,

but it would be colourful and happy too.


Maybe I would have told you that you could be part of the grand escape plan too, that we might live together.

And then we could have day-dreamed about how it would look; no purse-strings tightening ’round our imaginations.


We would have lain on our backs,

looking up at the great big escape of a sky.

Looking up and seeing no walls, only our plans reflected in the clouds.

Speaking without seeing each other, trusting the Listener was listening.


With words, we could have painted beautiful things in those clouds

and shown them to each other.

You could have found me

and we could have made a freedom plan, together.

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  1. August 4, 2012 10:00 pm

    Carved in reflections..

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