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Poem: genuinely shy

July 18, 2012
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I got us to the bedroom, now I’m feeling pretty shy,
but I can take these clothes off if you’ll only close your eyes
(thank you)

in pulling back the sheets, I see a little of your thighs,
and I want to be between them, I want to be on the inside

any part of me will do, by this time
I just want to be a part of you, but meantime –

I’m just not the sort of man
who takes these things lightly;
I know in that regard,
you’re very much like me

I promise you I’m not the sort of man
to pull you from your shell
just to get what he can

I know those men exist
but I promise that isn’t it –
I’m genuinely shy

and please bear in mind
how I bare you in mind
I’m just genuinely shy

you would be too, if you were like me
but you could never be like I

you don’t belong in a cage
you don’t see yourself and feel a rage

and then get so tired
just from looking at your face

no you could only be beautiful
it’s what you are from the inside out

you don’t have to carry –
you shouldn’t have to carry that sort of doubt

you don’t belong in a cage
you belong in bed

I may not belong here with you
but close your eyes, I beg

and we can just pretend
that everything’s alright

and I can just forget
for this one single night

surely I ask, the powers that may be,
it’s not too much to ask, for what they’ve asked of me?

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  1. July 18, 2012 10:28 pm

    I feel as though I shouldn’t be here,
    I’ve stumbled in on an impossible reconciliation
    fire and rain; pathos and bushfire.. angry sullen debt.
    I shouldn’t be here

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