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Men Behind Masks (Review)

April 16, 2012

Update: Unfortunately, this piece is no longer available online.

Men Behind Masks is a finely balanced work of adult fiction.  It is not for the sexually-restricted nor for the faint-hearted, but entirely for the expressive or artistically-minded reader.

My first thoughts when I read this piece were,
“Bravo!  A masterpiece in the use of atmosphere and in parts reminiscent of scenes set by Oscar Wilde.”

As you may have guessed from that reference to Wilde and the title “Men Behind Masks” this erotic tale involves two men. However, you do not have to be of any particular sexual orientation to read and enjoy this piece.

Its author, for whom English is a second language, further adding to the accomplishment of this work, has written something expressive not just of the act of sex, but the essence of it.

Love, lust, romance, intrigue, desire and longing are not indigenous to one sexual orientation, nor are they gender-specific.  These aspects of humanity can be universal to us all.

Remember that lesbian, gay and bisexual persons have been reading hetero-centered literature and watching films sometimes exclusively populated with straight characters and their romantic or sex-lives, since the beginnings of film and literature and they have not lost one iota of entertainment value in “translation”.  Why?  The reason is that no translation is necessary; love, romance and so on, these are part of a universal language.

Yes, it’s good to have characters of various sexual orientations, ethnicity, ages etc.  Our on-screen world should be less hetero-normative for instance. But that is predominantly to accurately reflect society in our films and books, as well as presenting many hitherto untold stories. It is not to “translate” these themes which are so common, that no translation is needed.

Forget the genders of the lovers, or better yet embrace them and revel in this piece of magnificent writing.

The author strikes a harmony between the crude and pure, tasteful romance, like an artist painting vulgar shapes adorned with sleek and slender lines.  The result is both sensual and elegant.

I urge you to read this, not as erotic literature, but as literature.  Some of you may call me a libertine, but I know that if you are a writer or understand the art of writing with any depth, you will understand this is a finely crafted piece of fiction.

Without further ado, here it is: Men Behind Masks by Nîna and brought to you via Strawberries For Dessert.

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