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Stop-motion Video by Dublin Street Artist

April 6, 2011

There is a special kind of art to be found in Dublin, although you may have to keep your eyes peeled to see it.  It’s called, the art of the heid.

The artist’s video above gives an example of the faces they sculpt. Each of those (more than 200) faces, or heids, will eventually reside somewhere in the city.

Heid, by the way, is the Scots word for head.  And the artist responsible for these works can be found here on Twitter.

What makes this project so interesting to me, apart from the guerrilla style installation of its pieces,  is its level of expression.

The human head is where we as human beings truly reside. Our face is where we show much of our emotions, whether we want to or not. If the eyes offer a window to the soul, what then might the heid be?

image title: inhabitant

Photo title: Inhabitant  Courtesy of AlinaPhotography

“My heid is like to rend, Willie,
My heart is like to break”

– Opening lines of My Heid is Like to Rend, by William Motherwell

So, the next time you find yourself wandering the streets of Dublin, raise you heid a little higher, who knows what you might find.

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