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Mini-fiction #1

May 30, 2010

He approached the counter nervously, trembling.  The condoms rattled quietly inside their box as he placed them on the clean white surface.

The sweat was beading  on his back and he prayed to whatever higher power there might be, as though it were the single most important thing at this precise moment, that he did not smell.

He raised his fifteen-year-old head and looked her straight in the eye, swallowing as he did so.  She stole a hesitant glance at his purchase, a carefully chosen double pack emblazoned with the words “extra-large”, and then smiled as she entered the purchase on her register.

He watched her lip-ring move only slightly as her mouth formed a smile.  And as she rang up his total, he quickly took the opportunity to wipe his forehead with the back of his hand, unseen.

He handed over a note in payment, clearing his throat as though the sound might somehow distract from his visibly unsteady hand. He received his change and left with a paper bag containing a box of unnecessary condoms and the invincible feeling of victory.

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