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Closer to the Garden

January 9, 2014

The youngest of young loves,

barely budding on the branch.

The greenest leaves, I had yet to see

and promising all manner of flowers.


It survived two Springs before I ventured

closer to the garden, thinking

“Every thorn has its rose, let this be mine.”


Until I saw unyielding earth,

wilting leaves

and found the soil to be unkind.


I have since wandered through the garden,

stopping for a lengthy shade,

but the willow wavered this way and that.


Now I find my oak

and its here I lay my hat.


Poem: Old-fashion Bicycles

November 25, 2013

I’ve chained my heart to a field-side gate,
where old-fashioned bicycles lie in wait.

When your hard working day
comes to an end,
you can unlock the chain
and my heart will bring you home to me again.

Poem: holy land

August 8, 2013
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To every man, his holy land,
to touch his hand upon the idol of his mind,
to rest his eyes upon the landscape that he loves.

To every man a place to heal,
to keep the faith that he may feel.
To lie close to perfection.

To every man his holy land,
and you are mine.

The Toy-maker

June 22, 2013
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The toy-maker said that I was fine, until he saw I could not play.
Then he grew disappointed and promptly threw me away.

I told him before I was a broken thing but he did not believe,
he saw the damage but said that I was good enough to keep.

The toy-maker said that I was fine, until he saw I could not play.
then he grew disappointed and promptly threw me away.

He pretended that he had misplaced me
for he never intended to disgrace me.

I called his name,
he never came.
He seemed never to hear a sound.

He said that I refused to be found,
but he hardly looked around.

The toy-maker said that I was fine, until he saw I could not play.
Then he grew disappointed and promptly threw me away.

Possessions – Version II

March 25, 2013
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Of all the things
I have but do not own,
You, are my favourite.

The things I own
are nothing in comparison.
The things I do not have
are unimportant, when I have you.

Of all things,
You are my favourite.

Equality, in equality

March 8, 2013

She had three children and she had none,
She was divorced and she was married,
to a man, to a woman,

She was a worshipper of all gods and of none,
She went out to work and she stayed at home,
She was a man, she was a woman,

And they, were feminists.

An Open Letter to the Women in my Life

March 6, 2013

Those of you to whom engagement is an act
and not just a marital status,

Those of you who are cleaning up the word feminist
and giving it a public airing,

Those of you who have worked hard to work,

Those of you who entered education
over someone’s dead body,

Those of you who weren’t afraid to be Mrs.
and those of you who weren’t afraid not to be,

Those of you who did the right thing,
not just the expected thing,

And did the right thing,
even when it was the expected thing,

Those of you shaping roles for people,
and not shaping people for roles,

Those who like a quiet revolution,

Those who care for both sides and the edge of every coin,

Those of you who will be and can be
nobody but yourselves,

Those of you who make me laugh,
make me think,
make me a better man
and a happier one,

Thank you.


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